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Tests we regularly provide are listed below, and are grouped into the following categories:

Geomembranes, Geotextiles, GCLs, Geocomposites, Geogrids, Shear Strength, Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite MatsDurability, Plastics/Rubber, AdhesionTextilesWaterproofing Sheets, PipesAccelerated Weathering, Bitumen & Geonet.


The tests marked (U) are UKAS Accredited and those marked (F) are accredited under our flexible scope.  Click here for our current Schedule of Accreditation.  Tests which are technically equivalent tests to those which are accredited can be provided as accredited under our flexible scope.  Please contact us for more information. 


If there is a test you require that does not appear on this list please do not hesitate to contact us, we have a wide range of test equipment and expertise available.



Asperity Height  ASTM D7466 (U), GRI GM12 (U)

Carbon Black Content  ASTM D1603 (U), ASTM D4218 (U)

Carbon Black Dispersion  ASTM D5596 (U)

Density  ASTM D1505 (U), ASTM D792, EN ISO 1183-2 (U)

Dimensional Stability  ASTM D1204 (U)

Melt Flow Index  ASTM D1238 (U), BS EN ISO 1133 (U)

Stress Crack Resistance  ASTM D5397 (U), EN 14576

Oxidative Induction Time  ASTM D3895 (U), ASTM D8117-21 (U) BS EN ISO 11357-6 (U)

Oxidative Induction Time (High Pressure)  ASTM D5885

Permeability to Liquids  BS EN 14150

Puncture Resistance  ASTM D4833 (U)

Pyramid Puncture  BS EN 14574 (U)

Qualification Testing of Welders  BS EN 13067 (U)

Seam Properties  ASTM D6392 (U), ASTM D4437 (U)

Tear Resistance  ASTM D1004 (U), BS ISO 34-1 (U)

Tensile Properties  ASTM D6693 (U), ASTM D638 (U), ISO 527-3 (U)

2% Secant Modulus  ASTM D5323 (U)

Thickness  ASTM D5994 (U), ASTM D5199 (U), BS EN ISO 9863-1 (U)

UV Resistance  ASTM D7238 (U)

Welded Joints  BS EN 12814-4 (U)

Wide Strip Method  ASTM D4885



Characteristic Opening Size  BS EN ISO 12956 (U), ASTM D4751 (U), AS 3706.7 (U)

Pore Size Characteristics  ASTM D6767, ASTM F316 

Cylinder Test  EA Methodology LFE2 (U), BS EN 13719 (U)

Protection Efficiency  BS EN 13719 (U)

Grab Breaking Strength  ASTM D4632 (U), AS 2001.2.3.2 (U)

Mass per Unit Area  ASTM D5261 (U), BS EN ISO 9864 (U), AS 2001.2.13 (U)

Drop Cone Perforation Resistance BS EN ISO 13433 (U), AS 3706.5 (U)

CBR Puncture Resistance  BS EN ISO 12236 (U), ASTM D6241 (U), AS 3706.4 (U)

Trapezoid Tear Resistance  ASTM D4533 (U), AS 3706.3 (U)

Tensile Properties  BS EN ISO 10319 (U), ASTM D4595 (U), AS 3706.2 (U)

Tensile  Strip AS 2001.2.3.1

Thickness  ASTM D5199 (U), BS EN ISO 9863-1 (U), AS 2001.2.15 (U)

Water Permeability & Permittivity  BS EN ISO 11058 (U), ASTM D4491 (U), AS 3706.9 (U)


Geosynthetic Clay Liners

Montmorillonite Content Methylene Blue  API RP 13l (U), CUR33 (U), VDG P69 (U)

Fluid Loss  ASTM D5891 (U)

Free Swell  ASTM D5890 (U)

Grab Strength  ASTM D4632 (U)

Index Flux/Hydraulic Conductivity  ASTM D5887 (U), ASTM D5084 (U), BS EN 16416 (U)

Hydraulic Properties with Solutions  ASTM D6766 (U)

Mass per Unit Area  ASTM D5993 (U), BS EN 14196 (U)

Moisture Content  ASTM D4643 (U), ASTM D2216 (U), AS 1289.2.1.1 (U), ISO 11465:1993 (U)

Montmorillonite Content  XRD Analysis

Peel Strength  ASTM D4632 (U), ASTM D6496 (U)

Screening Clay for Chemical Compatibility  ASTM D6141

Tensile Strength  ASTM D6768 (U)

Water Absorption  DIN 18132 (U) Enslin Neff, BS EN ISO 10769 (U), ASTM E946 (U)



Compressive Strength  ASTM D1621, ASTM D6364

In Plane Water Flow  BS EN ISO 12958 (U), ASTM D4716 (U)

Water Permeability  BS EN ISO 11058 (U), ASTM D4491 (U)

Mass per Unit Area  ASTM D5621 (U), BS EN ISO 9864 (U)

CBR Puncture Resistance  ASTM D4833 (U), BS EN ISO 12236 (U)

Tensile Properties  BS EN ISO 10319 (U), ASTM D4595 (U)

Thickness  ASTM D5199 (U), BS EN ISO 9863-1 (U)

Junction Strength  BS EN ISO 13426-2 (U)

Internal Shear Strength  ASTM D5321 (U)


Geogrids / Geonets

Mass per Unit Area  ASTM D5621 (U), BS EN ISO 9864 (U)

Tensile Properties  ASTM D6637 (U), BS EN ISO 10319 (U)

Geonet Tensile  ASTM D7179-18 (U)

Thickness  ASTM D5199 (U), BS EN ISO 9863-1 (U)

Junction Strength  GRI GG2

Aperture Size  In House Method


Geosynthetic v Soil Interface  ASTM D5321 (U)

Geosynthetic v Geosynthetic Interface  ASTM D5321 (U)

GCL Internal Shear Strength  ASTM D6243 (U)

GCL Interface Strength  ASTM D6243 (U)

Shear Strength (Large Shear Box)  BS 1377-2

Coefficient of Friction and Adhesion  Specification for Highway Works Volume 1, Series 600

Geosynthetics Friction Characteristics  BS EN ISO 12957-1 (U)

Geosynthetics Friction Characteristics as modified by  Geosynthetic Landfill Guidance Group - Industry Code of Practice, LGG 115, February 2018 (U)

Soil Compaction  BS 1377-2

Shear Strength

Flexural Strength-4 edit1.jpg

Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mat (GCCM)

Flexural Strength  ASTM D8058 (U)

Sample Preparation  ASTM D8030/D8030M

Tensile Strength of GCCM  ASTM D8480

Water Cementitious Ratio  ASTM D8329



Artificial Ageing  BS EN 1296:2001

Exposure to Liquid Chemicals  BS EN 1847

Freeze Thaw  BS EN 12467

Resistance to Oxidation  BS EN ISO 13438 (U), BS EN 14575

Resistance to Weathering UV  BS EN 12224 (U), ASTM D4355, ASTM D7238 (U)

Microbiological Resistance  BS EN 12225

Oven Ageing  ASTM D5721

Resistance to Hydrolysis  BS EN 12447

Resistance to Liquids  BS EN 14030, BS EN 14414, BS EN ISO 12960

Resistance to Leaching  BS EN 14415

Resistance to Roots  PD CEN/TS 14416

Durability assessment  BS EN 12226


Plastics / Rubber

Apparent Density  BS EN ISO 845

Bend Test  BS EN 12814-1

Carbon Black Content  BS 2782-4

Glass Transition Temperature  BS ISO 11357-2

Flexural Properties  BS EN ISO 178

Linear Dimensions  BS EN ISO 1923

Resistance to Environmental Stress Cracking  BS EN ISO 22088-2

Shear Resistance  BS EN 12317-2

Tensile Properties  BS EN ISO 527-1 (general)

Tensile Properties  BS EN ISO 527-2 (moulded and extruded)

Tensile Properties  BS EN ISO 527-3 (films and sheets) (U)

Tensile Properties ASTM D882, ASTM D7275 (U)

Tensile Properties  BS EN ISO 1421, BS EN ISO 1798

Tear Resistance  BS EN ISO 4674-1, BS ISO 34 (U)

Trouser Tear  BS 2782-3

Transmission Rate of Volatile Liquids  ISO 6179

Water Absorption  ASTM D570, BS EN ISO 62

Water Vapour Transmission  ASTM E96/E96M, BS EN 1931



Peel Adhesion  BS EN ISO 29862BS EN ISO 29863

Peel Strength  ASTM D903

Ply Adhesion  ASTM D7005/D7005M



Identification of textile fibres (Melt Point)  ASTM D276 (withdrawn in 2021)

Break Force and Elongation  ASTM D5035

Soil Burial Test  BS EN ISO 11721-1

Test Methods for Coated Fabrics  ASTM D751

Textile Tensile Properties  BS EN ISO 13934-1, BS EN ISO 13934-2

Non-Woven Tensile  BS EN 29073-3, BS EN ISO 9073-3

Mass Per Unit Area  ASTM D3776 (U)

Tensile Properties  BS EN ISO 13934-1

Water Absorption  BS ISO 20158


Waterproofing Sheets

Dimensional Stability  BS EN 1107-2 (U)

Ageing by UV, Heat and Water  BS EN 1297 (U), EOTA TR 10

Thickness and Mass  BS EN 1849-2 (U)

Resistance to Tearing  BS EN 12310-2

Resistance to Tearing (Nail Shank)  BS EN 12310-1

Resistance to Impact  BS EN 12691

Resistance to Static Loading  BS EN 12730

Water Tightness  BS EN ISO 1928 Method A (U)

Water Vapour Transmission  ASTM E96/E96M, BS EN 1931

Transmission Rate of Volatile Liquids  ISO 6179



Resistance to external blows  BS EN 744 (withdrawn 2018)

Joint Bend Test  BS EN 12814-1

Joint Peel Test  BS EN 12814-4

Tensile Test  BS EN 12814-7, ISO 6259-1 & 2

Butt-fused Tensile Strength  ISO 13953


Accelerated Weathering

Plastic exposure to UV Light  BS EN ISO 4892-3 (U), ASTM D4329

Plastic exposure to UV Light  ASTM D4329, BS ISO 4582

UV Exposure to non-metallic Materials  ASTM G154, SAE J2020

UV Exposure to Paint and Related coatings  BS EN ISO 16474-3, ASTM D4587

Rubber exposure to UV Light  ASTM D750, ASTM D1148

Textile exposure to UV and Moisture  AATCC 186, ACFFA Colourfastness

Weathering of Bituminous Materials  ASTM D4799



Resistance to Tearing (Nail Shank)  BS EN 12310-1

Tensile Tear Strength  ASTM D4073 (U)

Tensile Properties  ASTM D7275 (U)

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